Don't be lost for words...

The best learnings

blogEntryTopperOccasionally, it's illuminating to take a look at some copy from a company that prides itself on communicating well with its customers. Of course we all hope that we're doing that, but when you place it at the heart of your strategy it's important to get your supporting copy right.

So let's take a look at this:

"We apply design thinking as a key deliverable. We don’t rush to get to the conclusion as often it’s on the journey where the best learnings come. We build relationships and within those relationships, the shared experiences help us to enrich and evolve our approach, working closely with our clients to add meaning and value as the projects unfold."

You can see what they're trying to do. They're big on relationships, big on the journey, on shared experiences, on "learnings" on evolving and the point where you think that last sentence will never end. (And that's putting aside the whole "learnings" catastrophe).

The problem is that the message (we won't approach your project with a fixed idea, but work with you to achieve the right result) gets lost in that mangled tumble of designspik (yes, we can make up words too) and whatever authority may have been built up by the rest of the website - which is considerable, by the way - simply evapourates.

It's the way kids write when they have to produce an essay but can't be bothered to research it, so instead they produce complex, compound sentences that try and sound important and insightful in a doomed attempt to get the word count up and make it appear as if they have something to say.

It's why we always read copy out loud, several times. It's not only great for catching grammatical errors and mis-spellings, but it also helps you parse the text to make sure you're - you know - actually making sense.