Don't be lost for words...

Something Inside So Strong

blogEntryTopperI've always thought that writing good copy is a bit like writing the lyrics for a song. Both need to be personal and universal, both have only a few moments to grab the audience's attention before they click off the page or spin the dial, and both need to make the audience feel something - to respond in an emotional manner.

Like good copy, song lyrics are persuasive, which is why they're used in so many adverts. They're also subtle, so they convey a mood or a feeling of well-being - satisfaction, contentment, freedom, whatever - rather than coming out and describing the by-the-numbers benefits of the product or service (the ones that do aren't songs, they're jingles).

Consider Labi Siffre's Something Inside So Strong, a song of history and substance. Originally written as a reaction to a TV documentary about the injustice of apartheid and to describe Siffre's own experiences growing up as a gay man, it was used to advertise the Peugot 307, a stodgy family hatchback so technically unremarkable that the ad agency felt it had to go for an entirely emotional response. Thus, a man delivers a baby, a prisoner paints, a woman protests, a couple kiss and by association, Peugots are elevated and purchased in their tens of thousands.

By emphasising an emotional connection, by telling a good story, well-written copy can achieve the same kind of results; and - thank God - we don't even have to make it rhyme.