Don't be lost for words...

Exposed! Good web copy...

blogEntryTopperEach month I'll select four examples of well-targeted copywriting on a web site and try to explain where I think it's going right.

The MOO website is packed with excellent, informative and highly readable copy. It's quirky, it's got character, it's well signposted and never forgets that it has a purpose - to make you buy more business stationery.

The Vita Coco website is a joy to read. It's brief to the point of monosyllabic, arch and artful, entertaining and informative. And it makes me want to do the thing it's trying to make me do. Drink coconut water.

The Yourhead website is written for a very specific audience which uses a particular program. It's focussed and relentlessly benefit-driven, with the slideshow highlighting the key features that make the company's latest thungummyjig worth buying. And there's a free what have youy got to lose?

The Edradour website has a folksy charm that's perfectly in keeping with the yarn it's trying to spin - that of Scotland's smallest distillery of single malt whisky. The writing is simple, sensual and almost hokey ("a wee dram awaits you...") but it works.