Don't be lost for words...

What are you good at?

blogEntryTopperThe longest delay we've ever experienced with a project was 15 months. And that's even not the total amount of time from start to finish - which was considerably longer. No, that was just the bit in the middle when the website design was finished and we were all just sitting around waiting for the client to deliver the text.

The client had very strong ideas about what they wanted to say and how they should say it. These ideas were so strong that it soon became clear that actually getting them out there was going to be a tough job. So we offered to help.

"No thanks," came the reply, "we're on the case now."

Months passed. By now, the strong ideas were stuck in the client's throat and it seemed that no amount of hawking was going to get them loose. We offered again - not to write the text but to put some rough ideas down that could perhaps coax the strong ideas out into the open so that the two could combine to form the finished message.

"No, we'll get on it now. Thanks for the reminder."

More months passed. The strong ideas atrophied until it was impossible to express them at all - at which point the client finally gave up and commissioned a copywriter to do the job.

The text was written in a week, then passed to the client for comments. At which point....well you can probably guess the rest.

The moral of the story? Do the things you're good at. Arrange the flowers, build the engines, design the aqueducts, fine-tune the carbon fibre, create the jobs, inspire your audiences, sing your songs; and let other people do what they're good at.