Don't be lost for words...

How Long

does it take to write the copy for a website? In our experience, the actual writing - the physical act of getting the words onto the screen - doesn't take very long at all. What takes time is understanding what it is that needs to be said and then distilling that down into compelling and digestible chunks of information.

The web has changed the way we read and therefore the way that we need to write. With a magazine, the writer must first compete with all the other titles on the newsstand to grab your attention and thereafter, with all the other articles and adverts in the magazine. It's a tough job.

But it's even tougher on the web, because your competition is essentially the entire known electronic universe, always only a click or two away; so a typical website has only seconds to rise above that background hubbub and do its job before the visitor moves on. 

That's why it's vital to distill your message, to refine your offering and to take a virtual red pen to all those extra, unnecessary words that are clogging up your site and dissipating the impact of your message.

Writing the copy for a website? That's the easy part.