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I'm afraid I'm not taking on any more writing projects until the end of the summer 2024, so I can concentrate on - finally - finishing a book. Feel free to drop me a line if you need help with anything small or something that isn't time sensitive. Thanks!

Copywriting - what's it all about?

What's a copywriter?

It's just a writer, really - but with a twist. It's a writer's job to explain a product or a service or a concept in a way that's interesting and easy to understand. It's a copywriter's job to go one step further and persuade someone to use that service, purchase that product or buy into that concept.

What's a Brighton copywriter?

It's a copywriter who lives and works in the great city of Brighton (and Hove) on the sunny south coast of England. The Brighton Copywriter's a useful catch-all for the various copywriting services on offer to individuals and businesses all across Brighton, Hove, Sussex and the south of England.

Why do I need a copywriter?

Because - bluntly - most people can't write, even the ones who think they can. And they certainly can't write persuasively or with the brevity and precision the web requires. It's hard to get to the point when you've got so many points to make, which makes it easy to write about the wrong things. So you tell visitors about the company's history or your qualifications or the technical ins and outs of the business, instead of explaining how your experience and technical knowhow means that you can do a great job for your customers. You look inwards instead of outwards because it's hard to write about a product or a service or a business that's close to your heart without talking too much about what it is, rather than what it can do.

A good copywriter offers distance and clarity, as well as grace and - fingers crossed - good grammar.

What copywriting services do you offer?

If it involves words, I can probably do it, so things like web copy, print copy, blogging, technical writing, niche writing, position papers, calls to action, social media, narrative copy, documentation and copy clean-up. Hop on over to the Copywriting services page to find out more.

See for yourself #1

See what businesses in Brighton and beyond have said about my copywriting services by checking out the Clients page.

See for yourself #2

Why not ask me to give your existing website a quick once-over? I'll take a whistle-stop tour through the site and tell you whether I think it could be improved. .

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