Don't be lost for words...

What makes good copy?

Here's what I think is the secret of good copywriting, and it's probably not what you were expecting.
The secret of good copywriting
Most of the time, you don't even notice good copy. It doesn't wow you like a fancy animated slider or a gallery of gritty black and white photos or a stylish 3D animation - and it probably doesn't 'pop' like a clever parallax effect. No, proper copy is almost invisible. It leads you where the writer wants you to go without you even realising what's going on.

Good web copy cajoles you into making that next click and convinces you to sign up for stuff. It encourages you to make a first enquiry or download a sample, to take up a time-limited offer or mosey around on the site for a bit longer.
Good print copy does the same job, inviting you to read on, to find out more about goods and services (or even - should such a thing actually exist - a company's philosophy). It compels you to keep that brochure or report instead of chucking it away or to call that number for more information instead of forgetting to. Good copy sneaks up on you.

Good copy is concise. It knows when to shut up instead of saying the same thing in three different ways. It doesn't use fancy words when ordinary ones will do and most of all, it doesn't try to sound important because it is important.
Good copy speaks softly, but it carries a big stick.

Copywriting services


At their best, blogs are great. They attract new visitors and then keep them coming back for more. Google loves them, but everyone hates writing them. I'll write your blogs so you can get on with running your business.

Technical writing

I've been writing about technical subjects for more than 30 years. Computers? The Internet? Web services? Apps? Office software? Digital cameras? Smartphones? Tablets? Gadgets and gizmos? I've got you covered.

Niche writing

I love to write about stuff that's a bit off the beaten track. Forex trading? Ball bearings? Gin? Stationery? Baking? Fishing? Oilskin coats? If you provide it as a service, I can write about it.

Position papers

Got something a bit esoteric that you need to get across or just a complex message that needs a longer, more nuanced treatment? I like the long stuff as well as the short stuff.

Calls to action

Social media

There's no sense being all over Facebook and Twitter like a cheap suit, unless you know what you're trying to achieve and how to go about it. I do.

Narrative copy

Everyone responds well to a tale well told. I'm an expert at turning a company history or a product timeline into a narrative that engages your visitors and makes them want to find out more.

Copy clean-up

Sometimes the text on a site just needs a thorough going-over - a bit like going to the dental hygienist, but without the unpleasant high-pitched noises...


Need to explain how a piece of software works or how to use a web service or install a drainage system or learn a complicated game of cards? I've got years of experience in the step-by-step game.

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