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Copywriting client testimonials

“Rob - the Brighton Copywriter - provided us with a great and professional service throughout. We had no idea where to start with our brochure content, Rob was able to take our thoughts and ideas and articulate them in a way that creates a professional overview of our business. We are really happy with the end result.”
– Sam Alderson, Founder, A.G. Consultancy, Hove East Sussex.
We found Rob a.k.a. The Brighton Copywriter from his website, we reached out and contact was made very easily. We then met with Rob and straight away after an initial chat I felt he understood what it was we were trying to achieve. The first draft was amazing, he then went on and wrote several pieces for our company brochure and I can’t say enough how impressed we are not only with the service but the style and speed of everything. We will definitely be using Rob for all our marketing blurb in the future - he has a great way with words."
– Marc Cox, Managing Director, Cox & Co Estate Agents and Valuers, Hove East Sussex.
"I have to hand it to you. Crafting this piece out of the abject babble you received from Katherine and I is a work of pure genius." – Matthew Jones, Managing Director, Veramed, Twickenham.
"The essence of Rob is a wry directness - an honesty about the world - that is there in every conversation with him, and every piece of work. This translates into a rare clarity in his writing, which can that be dressed up to suit the tone you need. For us that was peppy & frivolous, and I still get a little thrill of pleasure every time I return to it." – Andy Mitchell, Founder, ActiveInbox, Brighton.
“I have worked with Rob at my previous company and was so impressed I contacted him at my current job – he’s now one of our talented, relied-upon freelancers who can turn his hand at anything from editing to writing sterling copy from scratch. I look forward to working with him on more current and future projects and cannot recommend him enough!" – Emma Rink, Digital Strategy and Content Producer, Hodes UK, London.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob on both long-form content and final edits for client work. His style is unique and the content that is produced is always of high quality and fun to read. I would definitely recommend working with him, in my experience he’s always been extremely professional, a pleasure to work with and turns things round very quickly!” - Jessica Jeffers, Digital Campaign Executive, Hodes UK, London.
“Rob's words really hit the nail on the head. He helped me decipher the message I was trying to get across to my clients. Since I launched my new site people have commented on my copy and it has won me some new business. I hope to work with Rob again soon.” - James Beer, Designer/Owner, Logo Logo Ltd, Brighton.
"Even better than I dared hope for. It really gets the message across in a clear, unfettered and joyous way." - Simon Sumner, Founder, Brighton Happy, Brighton (unsurprisingly)
"Foreign Exchange Trading is a great career and I've helped lots of people to become successful traders but I was getting bogged down by the terminology and couldn't seem to get across the excitement of trading and how rewarding it can be - personally as well as financially. Rob cut through all the jargon and produced copy that was friendly, concise and informative. And he managed to put some of the fun back into it too." - Dan Armitage, The FX Trading Buddy, Brighton.
"Having been in business for a year I wanted to refresh my website's look and content. The trouble was I am very enthusiastic and very proud of my family roots in the industry and so I had a lot to say. Rob was brilliant; he listened to what I needed to get across and produced exactly what I was after. Rob also worked with the designer working on my website to ensure the word count was spot-on to fit in with the design work. Would really recommend Rob." - William Straker, W. Straker Office Solutions, Brighton.
"Rob is an excellent and versatile writer, with an innate gift for story-telling. His copy is always a pleasure to read – and he's brilliant at turning raw source materials into well-crafted and naturally flowing copy." - Paul Allen, Director & Co-founder, Lark Media, Brighton.

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